Understanding Media: The Extension of Man

According to Marshall McLuhan’s book “Understanding Media: The Extension of Man”, published in 1964, he proposed that the medium itself is more crucial than the content it carries as to why the first chapter of the book is called The Medium is the Message. To illustrate, before the presence of print, humans depend on oral deliverance; However, after print, it is much simpler to communicate and reach out to more people (McLuhan, 3) .

In the case of this research, it is associated with the current media. The current media is mostly involved with social media where it allows people to reach out to a wider range of audiences with the utility of the current technology. Although mass communication was already present with print, with the development of the current technology, humans are able to easily communicate with people around the world. Applying McLuhan’s theory, it is revealed that the content is least important. By delivering the same contents of different mediums will result in different impacts. In relation to technological determinism, McLuhan proposed that the medium is crucial, in other words, he exhorts that the type of technology is what is most crucial in this case (McLuhan, 6).

christine lee