Mindsets for Working

A collection of headspaces I find myself moving between in my work.

  • Detail mindset: focused on perfect emulation of an existing thing, or execution of a new thing. Making sure the details are all right. Usually comes down to hours of heads-down work. How could this be better?
  • Fun mindset: what'd be cool to do? What's enjoyable? (the whole idea of mindsets is a little counter to the free-wheeling nature of the fun mindset, haha)
  • Business mindset: focused on ROI / leverage. What do people care about? What work will provide the most value?
  • Communication mindset: focused on shifting people's understanding from A to B. What's the subject? Who's the audience? How do they think right now? What experiences do they have? What would resonate with them? What information might they read from this?
  • System mindset: concerned with abstract moving pieces. What are the inputs? What are the outputs? What's the goal of the system? How efficient are we?
  • Research mindset: pure curiosity, no opinions. Concerned with understanding a situation. "Your desire to know must be greater than your desire to explain."
  • Growth mindset: thinks in terms of unconstrained growth. Often relies on discrete measurement. How can I get better? How can I improve this?
  • Cycle mindset: thinks in terms of repeating patterns. When did this last happen? When might it happen again? What are the key parts of the cycle?
Mindsets for Working
Ross Zurowski