Dynamics are a map to the energy that constantly moves in the world. Energy that takes many shapes like attention, money, love, anger. Energy, in this sense, is the primary matter of the world. It is what drives us to action, what moves us into the future, what defines our activity and the trace we’ll get to leave on Earth as a species.

Human energy, social energy creates all things. Energy has its own unique way of behaving. Or rather, universal ways of behaving —just like laws of physics. The ways in which energy behaves on objects and physical matter must be the same ways energy behaves at a higher scale, when it has effects on society and culture.

This dynamics thing is really the metadata level of all things. Instead of categorizing things by their type like politics, technology, sociology, we can look at them in this insightful new way which reveals how interconnected they truly are.

This might help determine what is driving change, what is confirming existing knowledge. What is drawing stuff closer, what is pushing things apart. What seems to always repeat itself, and at what rhythm.