Hey, Sorry to hear you're having trouble.

I don't really do consulting work. I am not a doctor and my life is too chaotic to be reliable here. Tho it is kind of you to offer.

I tend to share what I have done for my own health, and link to studies I've read on topics / redirect to other people and resources that might help. I don't really offer consulting or medical advice. More seeking other people who want to share knowlege and help figure out what is wrong with us. I'm mostly doing what I do to work on my own health issues, so I don't really expect payment or provide services per se.

I enjoy sharing what I learn about things, however. My tweets are searchable and I keep an are.na collection ( https://are.na/self-exploration/index ) as an attempt to communicate, albeit done in a very strange way.

I would love to talk to you about what you've been doing so far. I do best with that mode of discussion because it triggers my memories for tweets and topics of mine that I've researched. Talking with other people about their health explorations helps me learn about my own challenges, and asking/answering questions helps me linearize my own chaotic headspace. So even if I was acting as a consultant, I would feel bad charging money because I get just as much value out of this as you would.

I tend to recommend people move to a more secure platform to discuss health stuff as I don't personally trust DMs to not be hacked or snooped on. I have a signal and a keybase, and recently set up a telegram that I believe can do encrypted chats (Tho it's harder for me to use that as it won't work encrypted from the desktop client).

I used to work in information technology support so know a bit about medical information security, so it makes me uneasy to have other people talk about their health issues here.

I am not a doctor. I do not charge for talking about health issues. But I love sharing knowlege.
ultimape 🐜💩