"Every day is a new chance at being human. Every day is a new day with an abundance of opportunities. Some opportunities are challenging and that’s okay. We learn and adapt to our present circumstances so that we can continue. But the troubling part of life is that we are constantly “running out of time” and energy to tend to our human experiences. We need to take time to understand our thoughts, emotions, and actions by a variety of means daily. But we are so busy with work, activities, entertainment [and more] that we fall into the trap of believing that we don’t have any time to tend to ourselves.

In reality, we do have time. We do have time to find our paths in being human. There are no rules or regulations for how we can be present, growing humans. For one person it could be journaling for another it could be canoeing. And maybe even what it means to be in touch with our human side looks different for each everyone. Maybe some of us need more time or various ways to be in touch with our human existence. We have the time to be human and to face fears, joy, family, ourselves [and more]. We just have to do it."

Quote from [004] Anything But Being Human