Dirk Skreber sculptures
Dirk Skreber sculptures


"In addition to new paintings, two life-sized sculptures of crashed cars fill the main space of the gallery. Each vehicle has been violently wrapped around a pole, as though these two warped metal beasts, speeding headlong at many miles per hour, have suddenly found themselves curtailed- stubbornly embracing the very obstacle that stopped it. Like the artist's paintings of catastrophes, these sculptures beg ambivalence. Are we to be fascinated or repulsed? Horrified or excited? Further, upon closer inspection, the viewer finds the crashed cars highly polished and clean. No traces of the messy event remain but for the once-sleek, now mangled machines themselves. We are no longer craning our necks to see the accident we're passing, to catch a glimpse of the unsightly wreckage, to have us told by the authorities to "move along." Dirk Skreber brings the wreck to us and demands that we look at the familiar up-ended transformed to the frozen grotesque."

bennett williamson