I have moved out of London and I now live by the coast in the south of England. I’m a 10 min walk from the sea and not far from kilometres of beautiful coastline, cliffs, parks, and nature. It’s incredible.

It was the city. Living in the city—ever-expanding London to be precise—is what kickstarted this channel. I didn't feel comfortable there, so I set this up as a way to find comfort and feel at home through other means.

It took me years to realise that what I needed was to return to nature and engage with a smaller, tighter community. I grew up on a farm in Italy. My family home sits on top of a hill surrounded on both sides by views so peaceful I’ll likely remember them till I’m on my deathbed. And there is no denying I am most at home when I walk village streets and breathe clean air.

The city made me isolated and ill. The bustle and traffic didn't help my anxiety. And it was all worsened by how difficult it had become to maintain friendships.

There could be more to say about how hard it was to get by in London. But all you must know is that I was in a very dark place before this move.

So, as I type this in stupor, I also sense in myself a little more hope for the future (despite having typed this while listening to “Sad Day” by FKA twigs).

Finally, I would like to thank each of you for following this channel and making connections. It’s inspiring to see it grow.

Slow we go,
🫶 ✱

Life and home update 🏡

Typed this with my thumbs on an October evening, wrapped in a blanket, eating grapes.

Francesco Imola