• Laying in between two animals and feeling the unsynchronized heartbeats of all three of you
• Swimming naked and far far away in the sea.
• Having a sensual exchange with a human being that feels x100 more intense than just sex.
• Caressing a loved one’s hair
• A deep soulful conversation
• Cooking in the nature
• Watching a bonfire
• A summer afternoon in a calm and beautiful town.
• A winter evening getting naked in the warmth after being 10 layers covered outside
• Sipping my morning coffee in silence
• Laying on the sea and trying to look at the sun, hearing my breath reverberate in the water
• The water drops that fall on the ground when you wring your hair after the shower
• Getting interlocked with another body, legs and arms included
• Listening to someone else’s breath rhythm

mundane moments that feel good
Elif :•)