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Debbie Millman: Fail Safe by brainpicker 
Added 8 months ago by Ida C. Benedetto
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Debbie Millman: Fail Safe by brainpicker 
Unlike Millman, I have not taken the safe and narrow path that she describes herself taking in this talk. I am grateful to her for earnestly sharing her regrets about her safe path as it helps me value my weird and winding path. It's easy to devalue that path when I look around at others my age with fancier professional titles and more money than I do. Millman reminds me to value everything I have gained by showing up for the remarkable as soon as I had an ounce of autonomy to do so. Those things are far more wonderful than safety. - Ida --- An inspiring commencement address delivered to the graduating class at San Jose State University. Transcript and discussion:
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