Dr Brock Eide - Neurodiversity Dyslexia in the High Tech Workforce
Ida C. Benedetto

I was diagnosed with dyslexia in 3rd grade. The tests revealed that I also was exceptionally bright, so it was assumed that I could compensate for the weaknesses of dyslexia on my own. (Since then, research has shown that this isn't the best way to support someone with learning disabilities.) Working double time to figure out reading did build grit, but it also taught me to blame myself and try harder when I'm faced with something that's actually unreasonably challenging.

I didn't understand what the strengths of dyslexia were until I encounter Fernette and Brock Eide's work. This talk is the most comprehensive and accessible explanation of the strengths of dyslexia that I have ever found. Re-watching it helps me remember to stop struggling against my weaknesses and rely on my strengths instead. It also helps me appreciate people who have strengths that I lack.

  • Ida

http://DyslexicAdvantage.org Dyslexia Dr. Brock Eide of Dyslexic Advantage shares recent research into cognitive diversity discussing its implications for workplace optimization, performance of teams, and success in the creative economy. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/GheT/