Theatre of Nature, by Anna von Hausswolff

von Hausswolff, A. (2020). Theatre of Nature. On 'All Thoughts Fly'. [Audio File]. Retrieved from

  • love the title... 'theatre of nature', i often think of the carnival of life in the city which is tempered by the theatre of nature, i find it relates heavily to themes arising in birth.
  • Sonically inspiring. von Hausswolff is an incredible organist. The structure of the song is particularly what is inspiring to me.... slow, spiralling intro leading to a dramatic, percussive first statement which becomes a motif throughout the rest of the song. Very cinematic in my opinion... FEELS like you've entered the theatre of nature listening to it. Near the middle of the song there are so many layers of sound being added; the sparse high pitches organ notes, what sounds like vocals or a vocal synth in the background pitched lower down that becomes stronger, there's SO much going on that finally resolves and it feels like something has truly happened, moved within you, whether it be a spiritual weight (relating to the effect of speaking w my mother about my birth story,) or perhaps the weight of life, just kind of rambling here but geez, so inspiring and gorgeous.
Ari Getzlaf

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