theory #nointernet

Extinction Internet is Geert Lovink’s inaugural lecture
held on November 18, 2022 as Professor of Art and Network Cultures
within the research group of Modern and Contemporary Art History,
Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam.

Let’s consult the Substack persona Angelicism01—
my nihilist Greta Thunberg—an e-girl poet, theorist
and virtual persona all at once, who writes: “The
internet is impossible. I don’t think about it because
it crushes me. A day on the internet is everything. I
cannot know if the internet will end. However, I do
know that extinction is looming.” And: “Extinction
changes. Extinction is an exchange. Extinction itself
is changing. This is what the change machines are
saying. This is what it means to go all the way with
change. The internet and extinction are inextricably
linked. To experience internet is to experience

Inès Yahiaoui