Bridge Studio
Bridge Studio

Saunders Architects (Todd Saunders)
Fogo Island, Newfoundland
Part of a Series of Artists' Studios through the Shorefast Foundation
One of the smallest studios, the Bridge Studio was conceived as a place for contemplation. Inside is a space for its own small library and next to it is the freshwater Handy Marsh pond in Deep Bay (the smallest community on Fogo Island with around 150 inhabitants). The studio can be accessed via a winding path through the rock-strewn landscape. Isolated and serene it is the ideal artist's retreat.
"The studios are remote, independent structures, set amid nature to encourage contemplation and creativity."
"The studio sits lightly on the rocky shore, part viewing platform, part shelter."
Collected by Ajae Whittaker
Source: "Todd Saunders- Architecture in Northern Landscapes"

Ajae Whittaker
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