Squish Studio
Squish Studio

Saunders Architects (Todd Saunders)
Fogo Island, Newfoundland
Part of a Series of Artists' Studios through the Shorefast Foundation
This 28-m^2 studio has an angular volume that extends lengthwise to form a sheltered triangular terrace at the end of the structure overlooking the landscape inland. Apart from the main opening leading to the terrace, a series of narrow windows are integrated playfully at different heights in the side walls, but still leave plenty of wall space for the artists to work with.
"The studios are remote, independent structures, set amid nature to encourage contemplation and creativity."
"The studio sits lightly on the rocky shore, part viewing platform, part shelter."
Collected by Ajae Whittaker
Source: "Todd Saunders- Architecture in Northern Landscapes"

Ajae Whittaker
Source: l_x4-12.jpg