(1/2) tumblr screenshot / advertising
(1/2) tumblr screenshot / advertising
Alice Clearwater

tumblr: morphodyke

"advertising is so normalized we rarely talk about what it is and what it does

it is designed to catch your attention on a subconscious level, to utilize all known tricks of psychological manipulation to implant a subconscious desire toward a certain commodity, which it does by catering to the desire-structure of the most socially dominant, meaning that it at all levels structurally reinforces white supremacy, patriarchy, cis supremacy, heterosexuality, ableism, antisemitism, classism, islamophobia, settler-colonialism, etc, etc.

it is a massive worldwide concerted effort at brainwashing and behavior modification to serve the desires of the ruling classes. this isn’t some secret or conspiracy, that’s literally what it openly aspires to be, just framed in other terms. and we learn to treat it with blasé disregard because of its omnipresence. but it is deeply psychologically damaging to us. it is driving the divides between form of life, data self, social self, embodied self, addictive drives, survival drives, etc that is rendering us all increasingly unstable. it is trying to turn us into things we are not. it is trying to shape how we talk and think, and what we talk and think about.

and you can see it working. you can see the effects on people, see them being restructured away from certain drives and towards other, more productive or consumptive or self-destructive ones. it grows reactivity, it grows addiction culture, it grows abuse culture. it alienates people from themselves and each other. it subverts and corrupts the radical potentials of new media. it is pervasive and reinforced by the military-industrial death machine. advertising is designed to cultivate stockholm syndrome relations to capital. identification with the abuser."