(2/2) tumblr screenshot / advertising
(2/2) tumblr screenshot / advertising
Alice Clearwater

tumblr: cishetsgetout (Deactivated)

"it wasn’t until the somewhat recent wave of activist advertisements (the rainbow oreo or the pepsi commercial fiasco to name a few) that I really started to think about the way society really revolves around advertisements.

any time before 2015, I would have thought advertisements were nuisances at best; no one really wants to subconsciously buy some product after being forced to sit through a commercial for 15 seconds on youtube. In fact, I was one of those people who thought this would definitely ensure I never bought their products.

At first, I just rolled my eyes at the people proudly proclaiming they would buy oreos for the rainbow post. but the backlash towards the pepsi commercial really cemented this gnawing question: since when do we as a society - countless news stories, individual think pieces, even other companies’ response ads - rely so heavily on corporations to make political statements? wait with bated breath for industries, long since publicly known for their exploitation of the poor and corruption, to throw us a bone with some vague and watered-down, kinda liberal stance on issues? or to respond to current events? or to even be released?

And then I got to thinking back further. Watching the super bowl or even the olympics “for the commercials,” the huge fanfare around who had the “best commercial.” It isn’t the annoying 5 second unskippable hell ad on youtube that gets us, but the 10 minute ad you could skip but you find yourself sticking around for a little bit longer, even forgetting that that wasn’t what you originally intended to watch.

Advertisements are insidious in that they worm their way into our everyday lives not through subliminal messaging or even their own omnipresence in our lives (though this plays a key part), but through manipulating us into embracing them ourselves."