Dos and Don’ts For The Office Christmas Party

December is a month for merrymaking, frivolity and showing your colleagues you are more than just your job. Some may dread the office Christmas party, but you could view it as a chance to let your hair down and get to know your fellow employees. However, maintaining a balance of fun and professionalism is often easier said than done, so here are some tips for making a good impression at your office Christmas party. 

DO Be Approachable 

When it comes to social situations, body language is everything. Adopting open body language means keeping your chin up with a relaxed, inviting posture. That’s not to say you have to pick your position and wait for your colleagues to flock around. Don’t be afraid to mingle and join in with other conversations when appropriate.

DON’T Shy Away

While you may *want *to hide in the corner during your office gathering, it will only make you appear rude and ungrateful. Make the organiser feel valued by engaging with your fellow partygoers, and even consider bringing a gift - perhaps a bottle of wine or some fresh flowers. If you feel unable to socialise, make your excuses and leave so as not to cause any unnecessary offence. 

DO Strike Up Conversation

Striking up conversation with your colleagues brands you as friendly and outgoing, and an office party provides the perfect opportunity to talk about non-work-related subjects. When engaging with fellow workmates, remember to smile, make eye contact and keep the conversation lighthearted. Avoid sensitive topics and keep the exchange flowing by asking questions, remaining engaged and actively listening. 

DON’T Gossip

Although offices are notorious for gossip, remaining impartial is the best thing you can do to safeguard your own feelings and those of others. Avoid figuratively stirring the pot by steering the conversation away from gossip. If you do contribute to ambiguous office whispers, don’t be surprised if it culminates in a contemptuous or awkward atmosphere come Monday morning. 

DO Dress To Impress

Deciding what to wear to any party can be a struggle, not least when you’ll be rubbing shoulders with company management. A good rule of thumb is to opt for an outfit you’d be happy to wear to the office but with a festive or glamorous twist. Think classy designer dresses and luxurious suits.

DON’T Be Inappropriate

Of course, you can wear whatever you like, provided your outfit isn’t inappropriate. Overly short, tight or skimpy garments are fine for a night on the tiles. Still, it’s generally better to keep things above board and relatively professional when spending time with work colleagues. That’s not to say you can’t let your personality shine - many people express their individuality through fashion; nevertheless, be tactful. 

DO Have A Dance

Letting your hair down and joining in the fun is a fantastic way to showcase your playful side, so crank up the music and crack out your best moves. Being the first person to dance can be awkward, so allow the evening to unfold naturally; eventually, after a drink or two, everybody will feel ready to hit the dancefloor. 

DON’T Drink Too Much

As is the case with every social gathering involving alcohol, the temptation to knock back one too many is all too great. When you’re feeling nervous or awkward, it can be easy to pay little attention to how much you’re drinking. To avoid a horrific hangover, stick to your limits and don’t be pressured into drinking more than you know you can handle. 

DO Engage In Party Games

A little friendly competition can do wonders for office morale. While some loathe forced participation, a lighthearted party can is a fantastic method of breaking the ice. You don’t have to stick to humdrum classics like Charades; instead, opt for something that gets everybody up and laughing together, and don’t be afraid of looking silly. 

DON’T Do Something You’ll Regret

Once everybody is relaxed and having a good time, it can be easy to get carried away. Office parties are notorious for unnecessary drama and regretful hookups; however, it is inadvisable to do anything during an office party that you wouldn’t do during your 9 to 5. Remain professional and friendly at all times to avoid any unwelcome surprises upon your return to work. 


Dos and Don’ts For The Office Christmas Party
Rosa Cunningham