@OmanRegan: #SESTA #FOSTA
Alice Clearwater


First, understand that this is a lie about what #SESTA #FOSTA do. I'm sharing this post from a Trump so you understand what the LIE looks like.

What SESTA really does is target sex workers, taking away the resources they need to survive. This is the TRUTH about #SESTA.

@ConnerHabib - "#SESTA victimizes every single sex worker.
If you care about sexual assault, rape, and police brutality, mobilize against it."

@MassSWAN - "SESTA/FOSTA fundamentally shift the balance of power between movement & the state in favor of the state. Not only is our work criminalized further, our ability to organize around our labor rights and survival are surveilled & policed. #LetUsSurvive #SurvivorsAgainstSESTA"

Experts agree: #SESTA will hurt survivors.

Experts agree: #FOSTA conflates sex work with trafficking and will hurt sex workers and survivors.

Follow the consequences of SESTA/FOSTA passing, and pay attention to who supported it and was willing to threaten the lives of people impacted.

Why does it matter that this legislation is shutting down speech across the internet? Because that speech and those series facilitated improved lives and improved safety for people used them.

"For sex workers, it actually was safer than working on the streets or advertising in a newspaper. Craigslist enabled sex workers to screen potential customers and to work for themselves rather than rely on a pimp or agency."

The whole premise that SESTA and FOSTA were built on was that they would improve safety, but that was a lie. And while most of Congress fell for it, some didn't.