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Roland van Dierendonck

Return to Dilmun
DNA image storage and editing with CRISPR-Cas
in collaboration with Günter Seyfried, Hansjörg Petschko and Federico Muffatto

Premiered 19th - 24th April 2017. Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels Sonnenfelsgasse 6 in Vienna. Exhitibed at Border Sessions, Dutch Future Society Annual Event 2017 and the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo

"In two types of in vitro experiments we performed image manipulation at the level of molecules. In one we made experiments aiming on efficient on-target cleavage with full length guide RNAs (sgRNA), consisting of 20 nucleotides. In the off-target experiments we decreased the efficiency using sgRNAs with 15 and 12 nucleotides, making indel mutations visible."