...I had this calendar by a Cape Verde artist Alexandra Gapihan that featured hyperreal portraits of her friends' pets, each dressed with a short caption about the pet's personality. Even if I had a tough month, when I flipped the new page, the love between the artist, her dear friend, and the beloved pet was palpable and never ceases to delight. Here was a dog who sat patiently on his owner's scooter that one time, or the naughty cat who's always stealing bites of fish. Taking the cue, I started drawing simple sketches of friends or their loved ones or pets and sending them off. I'm no artist. The sketches have no value to anyone but the recipient. And for some people it's a real novelty to be the subject of a painting, but for me it takes as long as writing a letter, and carries the same emotion. I want to send people a painting saying, I see you, I am having a sustained, dedicated thought about this moment, and I am grateful you are in my life." -- Kira Lum, aka @lumsaoying

Fei Liu