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navigating - (orienting yourself to lines/edges)  50 blocks
by Baron Mattern
Artists  193 blocks
by Paige Edson
GAZE  830 blocks
by david s. lee
art (the real ones)  17 blocks
by Mazzy Bell
PERFORMANCE  17 blocks
by Daniela Peña
set  94 blocks
by Johanna Fosselius
Human  488 blocks
by Gilles Desmadrille
Hammering Light into the Earth  236 blocks
by Ewan Pearce
Space is the Place  385 blocks
by Kelton Carter
An Interesting Day  287 blocks
by Anita Silva
art research  246 blocks
by Eloise Janssen
Misc  96 blocks
by Olly Bromham
opus  776 blocks
by Matteo Loglio
WHORLD STAGE  97 blocks
by Travis Wyche
A1  377 blocks
by victor s
beauts  209 blocks
by Brixton Sandhals
AREA  171 blocks
by Rex Runyeon
∆ decolonizing art/design ed  127 blocks
by Hua Chen
Experience | Research  428 blocks
by Alexander Tarrant
Space   82 blocks
by Gabrielle Stoddard
Connect  3 blocks
by Björn Giesecke
PHOTOGRAPHY  291 blocks
by Sarah Lee
they really did that  85 blocks
by Sophia Dorfsman
Photos  31 blocks
by Dallas Thompson
Another Way of Seeing  187 blocks
by Anita Silva
various inspo  166 blocks
by Gilles Desmadrille
Space  40 blocks
by Ewan Pearce
Space  89 blocks
by Frederick Horton
Sculpture Project 2  116 blocks
by Alejandro Ribadeneira Varea
Speculative Product  163 blocks
by Andrew Chambers
headspace  5 blocks
by Dallas Thompson
ABC...(e)  71 blocks
by Chairman Bu
For The Show  11 blocks
by Quinton Hickman
kinetic bodies  18 blocks
by Eleonor Botoman
Editoc  344 blocks
by Emilka Galvin
ekkert, but in a good way  28 blocks
by áróra bergsdóttir
Only exists in a single moment  1 blocks
by Leo Horton
SUPER  23 blocks
by clara zubia