How To Improve Your Car’s Interior

Modifying your car to improve both performance and aesthetics can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby. However, once you have a unique ride to be proud of, all the hard work feels worthwhile. You may have already upgraded your suspension with coilovers and increased your horsepower and torque with a turbocharger, so it’s probably time you showed your car’s interior a little attention. Here are some popular interior mods and improvements to consider so you can personalise your ride down to the finest detail. 

Seat Covers

A great way to instantly improve the look of your car’s interior is to update your seating. Purchasing brand-new bucket seats or replacing your upholstery can be a costly and invasive process, so many opt for seat covers as a cheaper, convenient alternative. Furthermore, a set of high-quality seat covers will protect your original car seats from stains, tears and sun damage. 

Sound System

An exemplary sound system will vastly improve your driving experience. Whether you opt for a cost-effective set of coaxial speakers, a car stereo amplifier and the necessary wiring, or a set of high-quality subwoofers to achieve that all-important strong, chest-thumping bass, you can purchase excellent sound systems and audio accessories from reliable suppliers. 


You can create an excellent, futuristic aesthetic with some ambient RGB LED strip lights for your car’s interior. This inexpensive yet impactful mod is highly popular among enthusiasts - straightforward to install and easy to control. The beauty of adhesive strip lights is you can place them wherever you please, such as in the footwells, underneath the seats and even in the engine bay to highlight custom paintwork. 

Window Tinting

While window tinting can give your car a sleek, smart appearance both inside and out, it also has functional benefits, such as reduced sunlight exposure to protect your interiors from fading and discolouration. You may also want to tint your windows as a security feature, as it reduces visibility inside your car. That said, the UK legal requirements for window tinting state that the front windscreen must let at least 75 per cent of light through, so if you’re planning to tint your windows yourself, purchase a film kit from a reputable supplier. 

Racing Pedals

Replacing your stock pedals with aftermarket alternatives is a relatively straightforward process that won’t set you back too much financially. Racing pedals may not increase your torque or horsepower; however, they can make accelerating and braking feel more responsive and precise, culminating in an improved driving experience. Not only that, but you can choose a set of smart racing pedals to align with your interior aesthetic for a truly unique ride. 

Steering Wheel Replacement

Another highly cost-effective mod for your car’s interior aesthetic is to purchase an aftermarket steering wheel. You may want to improve your grip with an ergonomically designed sport steering wheel or opt for a removable design to increase your car’s security. Replacing your stock steering wheel is a quick and easy process, provided you have the proper tools for the job. 

Gear Shifter Replacement

To match your aftermarket steering wheel, you could consider a replacement gear shifter. You could even go all out and install a short shifter, which is a linkage mechanism for your gearbox that shortens the gear throw for quick gear shifts and a more engaging driving experience. However, if you just want to tweak your interior for aesthetic purposes, consider an aluminium weighted shifter to complement your LED strip lighting. 

USB Charge Sockets 

If you have regular passengers in your car, you’ll understand the importance of needing plenty of USB ports for everybody to charge their phones and tablets. While you can purchase a cheap USB port for your 12 V socket, a much more efficient option is to install multiple USB charging points for easy access from every seat. This mod can be technically tricky, so you may want to leave it to a professional. 

Keep It Clean

Not necessarily a modification but a vital factor in improving your car’s interior - keep your vehicle uncluttered and spotless to maintain an exceptional appearance to be proud of. Avoid letting rubbish mount up, and purchase the correct cleaning products for your upholstery. Furthermore, clean up spillages sooner rather than later to avoid stubborn stains. 


How To Improve Your Car’s Interior
Rosa Cunningham