My plan today was to write a blog post, but I ended up tweaking my website and not writing! However, my head is more clear after this digital cleaning. Today, I

  • changed the color of links on my main blog to match my favorite color and the color I use on other sites. They're now body text color with thick red underlines instead of the classic blue and underline. Navigating from my home page to the blog seems more consistent now.
  • updated my projects page to surface the ones that are actually quite useful despite not being the most elaborate, and I made it look cleaner overall.
  • published a new version of my Hugo theme that I use for the blog.
  • organized a lot of code on my computer. Some belonged in repositories and so those files were finally moved. Other projects were archived and unstarted ones were deleted.

The last one is the most important. I decided that I had too many barely started projects, and instead of keeping them around I began getting rid of them. Time is too short to have vague hopes of having time to work on something. From now on, I'll only focus on projects that provide concrete value and have a true need, so that I actually get them to what might be called a finished state.

I also celebrated my first newsletter subscriber today! I decided that the newsletter will be a roundup of all my writings elsewhere, rather than being a publication of its own. Now that I'm not stuck on the writing strategy, I can finally get to writing more!

Cleanup and decisions — 2023.01.15
John Jago