No matter what your spiritual orientation, there are certain ritual techniques common to, and pre-dating, all traditions which can greatly enhance whatever ceremony you're engaged in. These are "generic" ritual forms and they belong to nobody and everybody. Many of these are imbedded deep inside our innate, instinctual nature waiting to be dislodged into consciousness and put to work. There's a ganglia in the center of our brains (the "R-Complex") governing home-site selection forming the basis for several ritual functions, one being the task of locating a setting to execute ceremony in. Related to this instinct is our natural talent for making a house a home by Sanctifying its space thus, initiating a Rare Area conducive to sacred activity. In addition, our ability to take dominion over a space for specific ritual purposes is a direct expression of our territorial drives . . Our mechanical tendency to project and assume meaning onto an otherwise Deep & Meaningless Universe is inherently the primitive phase of a very powerful ritual technique: Conscious Projection ... the ability to intentionally energize an area outside of ones body with "charge" thus, motivating a ritual.