Game worlds often provide bizarre mirrors to reality such as Katamari Damacy (2004) which tells a tale of consumerism within a messy, seemingly illogical world, assembled from thousands of everyday objects. Moving from the ball to the block, our analysis has peeled apart the expansive world of Minecraft (2011) by highlighting three notable servers that showcase the spatial and social desires of players. Our studies of No Man’s Sky (2016) demonstrate the social spaces and connections that players make to give themselves some form of foothold in a near-infinite universe. Through visual analysis connecting the world of Persona 5 (2016) to real-world Tokyo we can see how the shift between the everyday and supernatural is anchored through domestic and mundane spaces drawn from reality. Finally, our research on Stardew Valley (2016), shows players fleeing the city in favour of a life on the rural homestead, only to end up working the landscape square by square both by virtual hand, and by extending the game through automated farming modifications.