Tay 🦊 💖

The selling of this bitcoin is, by far, the least interesting part of the saga.

The govt's seizure, the dude who had his bitcoin seized, and why it even got seized in the first place is full of so many amazing, hysterical, enraging gems.

Heads up...not a short story. Buckle up.

....and stuff.



@numbnut007 Fun fact tho: feds still didn't actually move the BTC from his wallet to their own when they "seized" the first batch of ~50k BTC on Nov 9, 2021

Good thing Loaded is a way better dude and more secure dude than Bridges (and SBF) 🤣

[DB] US Govt Sold 9,800 BTC on March 14, Intends to Sell a Further 41,500 BTC Connected to Silk Road in Four Batches Over the Course of the Year: Court Filing
– @tier10k

Mar 31, 2023, 10:17:04 PM