we live in an eros recession.

there is no imaginative force more powerful than eros. the scenarios we imagine are the last things we think about at night and the first thing we think about in the morning. being attracted to other people is life-affirming and helps us imagine better possibilities. it gives us the virile energy to dance and discover and let live.

we've commodified the sensuality out of our lives - in our food, which is made fast and casual. in our clothes, which are worn for the image over the feeling. in our relationships with the land, which is made exploitative over connective.

true eros requires slow building, requires boredom, and yin energy. it is the most renewable source of energy in the world. it is intangible, but its gravity is deeply felt. it is a property of life, the basis of it. it is a transcendent force which cannot be measured or defined, only expressed.

Rue Yi