What is most significant about the effects of cosplaying however, was the notion that A1 and A2
brought forward in the interview that they had friends who had “gotten lost” in the realities of their
cosplaying-characters, even going so far as to change their names to the names of the characters
they were cosplaying, and feelings of jealousy if another cosplayer dressed up in the same
costume.37 This was by both respondent's perceived as a very negative and dangerous effect of
cosplaying. Staying within the concepts of identity, we could say that in those instances, the social
realities of the groups seemed to have too much of an impact on the self-concept, which meant that
cosplaying for those people did not longer serve the purpose of reaffirming a relationship with the
group, but was instead as stated by A1, an imprisonment of their personal identity:

Marloes de Vries