42. Art Permit for Young Cultural Producers42. Art Permit for Young Cultural Producers
42. Art Permit for Young Cultural Producers

Imagine a city that works collaboratively and creatively with art practitioners and institutions to strengthen bottom–up initiatives that create economic opportunity, employment, education, and ultimately quality of life and urban regeneration.

Currently, the City of Detroit does not have an efficient mechanism to engage with the arts and culture community. Major Institutions and grass-roots efforts alike find it difficult to navigate the City's complex, antiquated permitting process. In lieu of an arts and culture council that would develop strategic engagement plans, we propose the creation of a Special Projects Permit, which accommodates new projects and simplifies the process by which innovative projects can be in compliance with city regulations. This permit would serve neighborhood and community-based creative initiatives. The permit would have the capacity to lifting zoning limitations, expediting police/fire logistics, and adjust vendor and permit fees.

These permits would be administered by district representatives reporting to either the City Council district representative, the Mayors office representative, or perspective Arts Council representatives.

Designer: IdeasCity Detroit Fellows Hallie Applebaum, Gabriela Cordoba Vivas, Ryan M. Johnson, Cindy Lin Kaiying, Evelina Ozola
Year: 2016
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Image credit: IdeasCity Detroit

Presented at IdeasCity Detroit

New Museum, IdeasCity