36. Inner City Garden for Healing & Hybridity
36. Inner City Garden for Healing & Hybridity
New Museum, IdeasCity

A Secret Garden for Healing & Hybridity focused on the many interior courtyards and gardens that offer a shared public/private space for residents in neighboring buildings to come together. The group envisioned that these spaces could become spaces of healing, with gardens grown and activities sponsored by the buildings’ residents. Often these courtyard spaces are in an incomplete run-down state, and need a small but powerful spark to ignite activity and create a positive environment

Designer: IdeasCity Athens Fellows Victoria Ivanova, Ayasha Guerin, Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos, Fei Liu, Juan Lopez-Aranguren
Year: 2016
Location: Athens, Greece
Image credit: IdeasCity Athens

Presented at IdeasCity Athens