Time rules our lives. We wake, eat, work, and sleep on the clock. Our days unfold in a standardized symphony of alarm clocks, school buzzers, and meeting timers. Meanwhile, global positioning satellites measure time in millionths of seconds, and financial trades circle the planet at the speed of light. Time-keeping is among the greatest accomplishments of the human species – but somewhere along the way, we made a fundamental miscalculation: we began to mistake our clocks for time itself.

Deep Time is a new series all about the natural ecologies of time from To The Best Of Our Knowledge and the Center for Humans and Nature — with support from the Kalliopeia Foundation. In Deep Time, TTBOOK will explore biological time, geological time, cosmic time, ancestral time. We’ll imagine time as a spiral, a loop, and also as an eternal present – as we learn to live beyond the clock

Ash Caplan

Source: Deep Time | To The Best Of Our Knowledg