A barren desert beside a blue river, and a tiny town called Biggs. Some things don't make much sense in Southern Washington along the Columbia. And you fully realise that when you look across the water and up in the desert hills you see Stonehenge. Now you know Stonehenge is in England, so you hike across the bridge and up on top of the bluff there really is a Stonehenge there and nearby there's a brass plaque that tells the story. The story of a railroad tycoon named Sam Hill who erected the structure as a protest against World War I, because of some unusual beliefs he had about the war and Stonehenge itself and how he expected his concrete replica to someday become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. And after you finish reading the plaque you walk around Sam's monument some more and there is no one else around and it doesn't really bother you that Sam built his extravagant war memorial in the middle of nowhere because of some hairbrained theories. After all, it he had erected just another statue of an infantryman you never would have hiked up the hill and enjoyed the views from there. And you never would have thought the thoughts you thought and, anyways, now you know what in Sam Hill it's all about.

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