Language is a linear compression format that lazily describes implicit causal association maps via a system of gossiped meta-narrative templates.

These templates are biased by our attention and awareness of another's attention. Adaptive to the needs at hand. These can be artifacts such as words, but also phrases and idioms which have been previously imbued with meaning.

The communication via language has error checking features that are adaptive to the various channels by which information is conveyed. It is constantly being honed thru a series of internal compression systems that mirror how ant forage and compress their maps by operating on it.

This compression often happens during sleep and has been investigated partially thru Hebbian Learning theory, and is inherently Bayesian because it is fundamentally a signal processing system trying to process itself.

Dreams are your brains adversarial networks running while the main mode of movement is shutdown, used to simplify the networks of thought based on a sort of simulation of experiences. Its necessarily done in offline mode because thoughts are not always relevant at the moment.

While the brain dreams the narrative self is quiet and 'the elephant in the brain' dances.