The anxiety driven need to maintain our maps. Maps made so we can point at where it hurts, where the dragons live, and where we might want travel to fulfill our needs.

"...information space is constantly changing. Our information world is changing much faster than that of our ancestors. In navigating this nauseating landscape, we need fixed points that do not exist."

Compressing maps to share them with friends at increasingly distant locations. Connection Maps.

"Language itself acts as a store of information, shared among minds, and language tends toward compression. As stories and concepts are shared, they become more compressed, until they reach the final stage: a metonym, a single word that represents a story or concept that conversation partners are expected to understand. A word is the ultimate tl:dr for human communication."

Even "mapping" the mess to better understand how to avoid it.

"In the abstract language of information theory, the kind of disorder called entropy is the lack of structure or compressibility in data. Consider a rectangular field of pixels which can be either black or white. A field of pure black or pure white has maximum order in the sense of Shannon entropy: you hardly need any bits to explain how to recreate the image. This is not a mess."

We share entire life templates as maps. And we love reading about it as much as we love sharing.

Finding others who share the same map means finding potential allies for the journey.

"We are also illegible to each other. Unlike nomads from previous ages, who wandered in groups within which individuals at least enjoyed mutual legibility, we seem to wander through life as largely solitary creatures. Our scripts and situations are mostly incomprehensible to others."

Meta-mapping: "The Stuff of Thought" to the thoughts on stuff. Language is embued with meaning. And stuff?

"Even if you do try hard to become an expert, your stuff will remain a somewhat illegible machine, because it was not designed top-down. It was designed as a series of hacks and modifications to an inherited lifestyle, which itself has been evolving for many generations. Understanding it completely would be like understanding the lifestyles of all your ancestors."

Its 10 PM. Do you have a map of where your stuff is?

And other rituals we use to maintain order in the chaos we call our lives.