Maral Hohsenin.

Critical Discourse Analysis.
Brian Jenkinson, the restoration of archive film using digital techniques.
CCD is a silicon-based device
Nyqvit-shannon Theorem-overlapping of signal peaks in lossless (this is aliasing)
Aliasing means pixels have been assigned the wrong value
Digital encoding means quantifying an analogue signal.

CMOS records in digital directly unlike CCD
CMOS is dealing with estimations- a model is always a simplification
Digital technologies are based on discrete mathematics (or an estimation)
010's are based on transistors based on the on and off
A formal model of computing, they are easy to hand and predictable.
This goes against the original format of the photochemical of the unpredictable of chemicals.

Logarithmic Image (difference of light)

JPG2000 Wavelet-transform
Source: Lubis MZ pujiyatiS,

The digitised content of analogue is actually a hybrid state keeping traces of both analogue and digital.

Jason Hendrik Hansma