All models are wrong. Some are useful.

Useful for what?

To survive.

The survival of volition is the most important thing, as it is the only necessary condition for the existence of importance.

I saw religion as a just a different model for survival and it made the world make sense. I am now framing our microbiome as angels and demons trying to sap our life force if we 'sin' against them. They are not always mutualists and will kill us if it protects their herd.

Our Microbiome has just as many social and evolutionary forces acting on them too... Maybe you want to live, but your gut wants you to die? Operating under this model I found out that they seem to play a role in cellular apoptosis

Now, i'm not saying this model is right, but it does seem to be useful. Demons or various imp-like anthropomorphisms of disease and illness seem to be a cultural universal. And most rituals involve 'cleansing agents' that are full of antibiotic terpenes.

Take for example the 'demon' Shabriri... who lived in the water and caused blindness.
>There also existed a demon of blindness, "Shabriri" (lit. "dazzling glare") who rested on uncovered water at night and blinded those who drank from it.

This sounds like the parasitic worm Onchoceriasis - which causes 'river blindness'

A cultural ritual that was mapping the territory of disease thru story and oral tradition. Rejecting it outright seems like a bad idea.