a. Why plywood?
i. I use plywood because of the weird in-between state it represents.
ii. The wood in this piece is predominantly logged and processed by Boise-Cascade. Trees are logged from their forest homes in the Northwest and trucked into facilities for processing.  Their trunks are unrolled by rotating the log along a long sharp blade. This shaved portion is steamed, flattened, and laminated into thicker sheets. Plywood exists between the more artificial particle boards like MDF, and the more natural hard and soft timber slabs and boards.
iii. Plywood still holds a memory of nature, but is completely removed from its original form. The material holds this relationship between the natural and artificial very nicely. For this reason, I use plywood as the backbone within which I integrate different material components: concrete, plants, and rusted steel.

b. Is concrete similar?
i. concrete is similar: cement (the chemical substance that binds all the chunks together creates a paste with water that binds with sand and rock to harden.
ii. Cement, is manufactured
iii. While rock and sand is pulled from the earth, ground to a size, and distributed.

c. What about the lights, plants, rusted steel?
i. Lights, are powered by some form of nature
ii. Plants are I guess typically considered nature?? But like they’ve been shipped and bred and sustained by this artificial life boat.
iii. Steel: products of the earth, transformed into steel, then rusting away and transformed through natural processes.