Process & Formal Decisions

a. How did you build this in this room?
i. I have cut, grinded, sanded, molded these materials into this sweeping form.
ii. It was built in pieces and transported to the gallery

b. Form?
i. This ‘shloop’ of sorts evolkes a represents a few things for me, a wave (goes nicely with the title), alter (M), or un-rolled tree (references plywood), but generally, a sort of landscape (composed of components of varying degrees of artificial manipulation)
ii. The scale of the work is intended to create to create a panoramic atmosphere. It was important that it was architectural. I wanted it to feel like a structure. Doing so brought me back to those moments. Evoked urban spaces (but also the open sky of walla walla).

c. Color?
i. Lights: I wanted to use cool gray/blues because it characterized the in-between state of the sky at dusk. Likewise, the warm fluorescent lights hold the color of warm building and street lights, turning on at dusk.
ii. (formally) Mimicked Elsewhere: in the cool grays and warmth of the wood. Maintained a balance.

Thinking: Process & Formal Decisions
Eric Rannestad