Is this piece Dystopic?

a. Pessimism’s role?
i. I wanted to suggest that there are consequences to these systems, that we are organizing the world incorrectly – or even that these methods are themselves entirely wrong.
ii. Fragmenting
iii. Wires
iv. Plants are gunna die (or already dieing)
v. Exposed systems
vi. Industrial foundation

b. Title’s role in Pessimism?
i. The title serves to highlight this leak or failure and give a somber tone to the work. That the dominance, exploitation, and strong-handed modification of natural systems is unsustainable and now these natural systems stand on the brink of a larger collapse.
ii. An excerpt from, Don DeLillo’s novel, The Names frames this contemporary pre-Apocolyptic tone that my title hints at, quite nicely,
iii. “There is always a period of curious fear between the first sweet smelling breeze and the time the rain comes cracking down.”
iv. The title, Where the Rain Seeps Through ultimately serves to hint at some sort of sublime awareness that these systems are/will fail. That ecological collapse is here, or already pounding on our door.