Landscape Artists

a. I also think my work shares a significant connection to contemporary landscape artists. Today, Landscape is recognized as a constructed phenomenon. Humans project social, cultural, economic, and political histories onto the raw matter of the world.

b. Ginger Strand in his essay At the Limits: Landschaft, Landscape and the Land says, “power and politics trail in landscapes wake, because land itself is never un-ideological—at least not once humans begin to take its measure. Before long it is not even natural.”

c. Second Nature? (Cicero)
i. nature that has in some way been transformed. Second nature is all that exists now, and the wilderness is all but a myth. I think my work talks to these points, that nature and the built world are intertwined.
ii. Wilderness Myth
iii. Shows up in my material composition: PLYWOOD!!
iv. Seen as Optimistic: Love Story

d. I think there are significant connections to artists like Kevin Jack Bell who’s landscape paintings explore how humans transform the world to their needs, or Mary Mattingly’s SWALE, in which she creates an organic garden on a barge in New York City.
i. Kevin Jack Bell: Doing a similar thing to me: (formally, yes) but also conceptually, presenting the contemporary landscape as he understands it. Not making too many judgments. Reflecting.
ii. Mary: Not a landscape artist but is pushing that urban/human/nature connection, and trying to create real change outside of traditional systems.