Olu Michael Odukoya, White (2018)
Olu Michael Odukoya, White (2018)
Cobey Lusinger

From his UPCYCLING series.

In the fourteenth edition of his magazine Modern Matter Odukoya has placed photographs of plastic bags throughout, all of them white with a single boldly typed word. Some say ‘Mother’ or ‘Territory’ or 'Picasso'. He reasons that not all of the words are meant to correlate directly with the object they're printed on. Sometimes it’s just random, but the contexts of those words and the contexts of the material once overlapping generate new ideas. Odukoya states that he is interested in the body/materiality of the written word. I believe that he is interested, like me, in the ways by which language contextualizes or even labels the materials it is written on/within sometimes against the nature or bidding of the material itself.

Photo uploaded to Instagram by @modernmattermagazine

Key themes:
Typography and language, materiality, photography