"Here you are. Man versus man. no gods, no prestigious knights, no legends. A slave knight, who wasn´t supposed to even stand a chance, and a unkindled one, unfit to link the flame completely. And yet, only both survived, only both reached the end of the world. There is no fancy cutscene, there is no final music, there is no shiny reward. The world is rotten, and nothing you do will fix it. Linking the flame, leaving it to die, becoming the new dark lord... Nothing will prevent the world to sink into ashes, ashes of innumerable cycles passing, of countless heroes linking the flame. Just ash co ering the world, just Gael finding each piece of the dark soul, and becoming corrupted by it every step.

And now you are alone in the future. When you go back to our timeline, you know there is no future, there is nothing that you can do with this world... Except creating another world, and leaving this one to die. You give the dark soul's blood to the painter, and there it is. Countless attempts to save the world. Everything was in vain. You failed, but there is hope in another world."

Dark Souls
Darin Buzon