"One possible way out for the aspiring designer is exactly education. Since market dynamics rarely allow designers to develop a practice that is intellectually fulfilling, some designers aim to become teachers, tutors, guest lecturers. The protected space of the school provides the ideal backdrop for endless discussions on social issues. Referring to the master programs in creative writing, Timothy Small speaks of a big Ponzi scheme, "a process in which one writer without money begins to teach in order to supplement their income, creating 15 writers without money who in turn will begin to teach thanks to the recommendation of the first writer-teacher, and that in turn will produce another 15 writers with no money, etc, etc." I wonder whether graphic design follows the same logic. In the article, Small interviewed a young writer-teacher based in Brooklyn, who claims to have chosen to do a master’s degree to "buy two years of time to write, […] two years of the kind of life that rich people have every year, in which money would not be a problem.""

Erik Kirtley