102. Public Forum for Debate
102. Public Forum for Debate
New Museum, IdeasCity

The Solution Mat is a traveling public forum for citizens to find concrete answers to political and social debates in our current time of uncertainty and crisis. The method for this is not by reason or informed discussion, but rather by the force of two opposing bodies. Solutions are reached by the outcomes of freestyle wrestling matches in public space.

The public proposes questions in the Yes/No form, and pertaining to important contemporary issues relevant to the public it takes place in. The result of each match determines the opinion that is implemented into the collective knowledge of the public, open to be fought over or accepted. The public has the power to choose what the wrestlers fight for, and also to contest or celebrate the outcomes.

Artist: Vanessa Brazeau
Year: 2016
Location; Weimar, Germany
Image credit: Iva Karoma

Presented at IdeasCity Toronto