105. Visual Strategies for Combating Gentrification
105. Visual Strategies for Combating Gentrification
New Museum, IdeasCity

Here to Stay is a series of large-scale outdoor mobile projections that address themes of gentrification, displacement and community resilience in NY' Chinatown. Artwork based on oral histories, photography and video created in community-led workshops are incorporated into photo and video montages projected onto buildings and public landmarks in Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

Chinatown Art Brigade is a project driven collective of Asian American social justice artists, cultural workers and media makers; whose work is driven by the fundamental belief that collaboration with and accountability to those communities that are directly impacted by racial, social and economic inequities must be central to any cultural, art or media making process.

Artist: Chinatown Art Brigade
Year: 2016
Location: New York, NY
Image credit: Embion Micah Aan

Presented at IdeasCity Toronto