Welcome to the 2018 Hundos Holiday Gift Guide!

Every product shown is designed or made by a member of 100 Under 100.
We've put this gift guide on Are.na for ease of sharing and editing. Feel free to share this guide, connect items to your own wishlist on Are.na, or add items you've made!

If you'd like to add more items to the gift guide, you'll have to be logged into your Are.na account. Please follow the steps below:
1. Navigate to the category that most represents your item.
2. Add Block to the channel, please use a direct link to the product page, if possible.
3. In the Info section, please add a description of your item. The following format is suggested:

Item Name—Type of Product
by Name Name

[[[ Important shiping, discount or other info ]]]

Description of the product here.

  1. Save the block and connect it to the All channel.
  2. Share!
Sam Wittwer