The Space Of Alienation

Should be proactive.

Show be low threshold.

Should destabilise.

Should disable consensus.

Should entertain democratic pluralism.

Should promote agreement to disagree.

Should be neither innocent nor romantic.

Should resist phony solidarity.

Should not report to anyone.

Should promote irritation.

Should resist legitimization.

Should assume responsibility and rigor.

Should understand itself as a self-authorized enabler.

Should be a space of oppositional but non-violent encounter.

Should inhabit the consequences of its production.

Should demand.

Should consume and exhaust.

Should provide and produce.

Should be a space of support.

Should resist normatively.

Should act as an uninvited outsider.

Should welcome the value of failure.

Should be a zone of friction.

Should promote questions rather than answers.

Should entertain instability.

Should instigate a zone of dissensus.

Should engage contingency.

Should foster non-romantic forms of socialization.

Should bastardize rationality.

Should disassociate itself from the specificity of policy.

Should image collaboration beyond presupposed forms of cooperation.

Should question the default modes of institution building.

Should produce alternative timecodes.

Should exist as a decentralized reality.

Should generate new publics.

Should be a discursive panic room.

Should constantly reaffirm the significance of the uninvited other.

  • Markus Miessen
The Space of Alienation

By Markus Miessen

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