Person 1: People just scrolling through memes find [a propagandist], maybe watch him on The Rubin Report, maybe watch more Rubin, then they're taking lifestyle information from Sargon and Stefan.

Person 2: Gonna weigh in here - memes are used to radicalize. Ridicule is not always the best answer. Finding racist shit funny can lead to finding racist shit logical.

Person 1: Right. That post wasn't offensive but the guy who made it absolutely is. You might know better but others might not.

Person 2: The mechanism is that memes get people used to the 'temperature" of toxic ideas. By making it funny, they make facism acceptable. I believe the expression is "lampoon to harpoon". Using humor to stick shitty ideas in people's heads, so when the toxic part is exposed, they are preprogrammed to attack the exposer as a "triggered lib" or sjw.

Person 2: Memes spreading bad ideas, such as libertarianism and alt right ideas, work because human brains off repetition. The correctness or incorrectness is irrelevant, and otherwise rational people can be made to feel personally attacked when their ideology is challenged.

Person 2: There is much more science and psychology behind these phenomena, but ill stop here at the basics.

Chat about meme radicalization
Alice Clearwater

Log during a period where a meme featuring a problematic person was posted in a local chat