vietnamese propaganda poster.jpg
vietnamese propaganda poster.jpg

"Develop Raising of Chickens"
Posters became a more popular means of advertising and selling in the latter half of the 19th century, in part due to the arrival of the lithographic printing process. However the use of propaganda posters (or Dogma) really gained popularity with the outbreak of the first world war, with countries becoming more politically charged, and wanting a way of spreading information to the masses easily.
Hundreds of posters like this one were created during the period of the Vietnam war -1995 to 1975, as a means to spread key party ideas.
I found this poster in a small shop in Vietnam, and liked it because of its simple but striking layout and colour scheme. It is by an unknown artist but dates to circa 1955/60.
Common themes for these war propaganda posters were developing agriculture, and looking after the lands and forests, particually after the events of the war that lead to the burning of vast areas. The practise of looking after the land we have is still a relevant topic today with the constant rise of deforestation, and threat of global warming to our natural world. They also detailed of war triumphs, women and children.

Eloise Stringer