Elise Co's presentation

media design practices (mfa) + interaction design (bs) professor
housed in a former wind tunnel
its not part of an engineering school - this is in an art / design school.
focuses on industrial design
students at MDP are encouraged to think and make critically, questioning why we use certain technologies and why we make them

research and design prototyping studio
interactive hybrid systems
'my professional practice is very corporate'
sometimes museum installations, expo installations

Prototyping as Discovery
How can designers think rigorously about technology without knowing (all of) the technology?
How do we prototype things we don't have the technology for?

Used to teach from a perspective of "you can only propose a project if you can code it yourself" but have since come around to thinking differently

prototyping is really functional in my practice, if we are grabbing data, its actually plugged into an API, etc, but even so - you still cannot really prototype everything, otherwise you're making the end product. So you really need to put together a strategy . - what part are you prototyping and why? At Art Center, students are so facile with making illustrations and sketches, who want to make a high fidelity form prototype early on. Nothing wrong with that, esp in wearable technology, but when it comes to technological functions (rather than form) there's still a lot to explore.

  • functional prototyping/something that works the way your idea is supposed to work. dynamic, interactive, responding to you, also prototyping which things are functioning and which arent
  • off the shelf technologies, repurposing, hacking
    physical computing, haptic actuator systems, things interfaced with an arduino - how can we encourage students to look at existing technologies and use them instead of reinventing the wheel and making a gesture detector which has a lot of value of learning how to code from scratch but not if thats not the focus of your project. ex. an mp3 player you can throw around as a toy or an envelope you rip up and...[??] i'll have students bring a battery operated device with a switch and ask them to break it apart and intercept the switch.

  • video prototyping
    speculative future microsoft videos full of after effects proposals - have a place and can be logical if rigorously thought through. more of a presentation video communication prototype, but video can still be a great stand in for screen based technologies.

  • wizard of oz
    when you are the technology - i am the sensor that presses the key

  • experiential
    pick whichever one but make sure it gives the user the closest aspect to the real experience

Elise Co
Anastasia Davydova Lewis